Diabetes Prevention Through Yoga

Diabetes Prevention Through Yoga: Type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has now become so common that people across all age groups are contracting it due to lack of regular exercise and poor eating habits. Whatever the reason for diabetes, it can be managed and controlled with regular practice of yoga. It is advisable not to ignore diabetes as it can lead to a lot of complications if not treated.  
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However, in order to control diabetes asanas have to be learned from a professional yoga teacher and practiced under guidance before you can practice them on your own. Regular practice of yoga helps to lower the blood sugar level in the body and so the disease can be slowed down and in no time you will see the reduction of symptoms. Even if you do not suffer from a diabetic condition you can practice yoga to prevent diabetes by keeping your weight in check, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure all of which are contributory factors in diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Through Yoga

Diabetes happens when insulin in the body is not regulated properly. In order for the blood cells to respond properly, you need to make yoga a part of your daily routine. Breath control exercises improve blood circulation, whereas meditation reduces stress leaving you less hypertensive. There are various yoga asanas that deal with diabetes prevention and so you need to train under careful guidance in a reputed yoga school in order for you to get the response you want.
Diabetes is also a disease that can become worse with the wrong eating habits. Yoga will also be helpful in teaching you to eat the right type of food in a regulated manner. Therefore yoga training can teach you to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life without being dogged down by diseases.  

Yoga Asanas For Diabetes

If for some unfortunate reason you are diabetic then do not fret for regular yoga practice can control the disease to a large extent and can even cure it. Diabetes is basically a metabolic disorder so the asanas that you will need to practice will stimulate the digestive system particularly the pancreas. The asanas take from one month to one year to show effective results and so you must continue with the regular practice.
Out of the many asanas suitable for diabetes management at least five need to be practiced daily and each repeated three times. A yoga teacher will be the best person to guide you as to which out of these is most suitable for you depending on your capacity and extent of diabetes. Some of the asanas that can be done are listed for your information. Do not try them unless under the supervision of a yoga teacher.  
Mayurasana or the peacock pose seems a difficult asana but with guidance is easy to do. Paschimotasana or forward bend Ardha baddhapadma paschimoottanasana are both simple. While the former involves bending head to touch the knees with both legs stretched out the latter is done with one knee folded up and pressed into the stomach. Mahamudrasana is also somewhat similar to these. Shalabhasana or the locust pose constitutes lying on the stomach and lifting only the legs. Ekapada galavasana is a difficult balancing action that requires practice. However similar to this is the Padahastasana which unlike the former allows you to plant both feet on the ground when bending forward to touch the toes with your hands. Chatushpadasana is easy and interesting to do. You have to bend down and then walk on all fours like animals. Bhujangasana is part is part of Surya namaskara and is not difficult to do either.

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