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Where to study yoga in India? Yoga teacher training and retreats in India at yoga school Samatva Yogalaya - Rishikesh.

Yoga might have begun in India but is now practiced worldwide. Though many studios and yoga centers have sprouted up in other countries, some of them have let go of the ancient traditions which are still a part of yoga learning and practice in India. Most yoga schools in India have retained the traditions of yoga as taught by the wise sages through the centuries. If you have been awakened to the idea of learning yoga then book yourself into a yoga school in India to feel connected to those ancient teachers who lived here and developed this science for the good of all humanity.

Study Yoga in India

Yoga schools in India are built according to traditional settings that foster yogic learning in all aspects of the discipline. As a foreign student, it becomes easy to understand ashram life if you are living in it and yogic food when you are eating it. Enunciating chants in the right way with the correct intonation and breath control can be mastered here with ease. The reason why you wish to learn yoga, or if you wish to learn it at all, becomes clearer to you when the very surroundings you find yourself in breathe and live the yogic life.

Even though the home country might offer you good yoga classes but your mind could still be distracted by happenings and people who are part of your life there. So getting away from your country and coming to India will keep you focused on your goal of learning yoga in depth. The disciplined yogic life in a traditional setting gives you enough opportunity to think and reflect in silence. You could find here the peace and tranquility that would enable you to listen to your own heart and find those answers you have been seeking all your life.

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