Stress-free Workplace With Yoga

The corporate environment is bristling with the stress that comes from having to meet deadlines, making a deal or just office politics or it could be related to stressful situations like traffic congested roads or home and work balance issues. Physical health problems could arise from constantly bending over computers or sitting for long hours at the desk.

Yoga Courses in Rishikesh India

Executives need to be in a relaxed frame of mind to be productive. This is the reason that corporate bosses are now encouraging regular wellness programs in the office which includes relaxation techniques and regular yoga practice that will bring mental relief, health benefits and raise energy levels. Corporate yoga is now of age and yoga packages are being designed exclusively for office personnel. The yoga kriyas are such that they can be done in work clothes and besides the office desk easily and without yoga mats.  Yoga trained teachers who have corporate yoga experience are now being sought out by businesses who want to bring yoga benefits to their employees. Some yoga schools also offer corporate packages.

Stress-free Workplace With Yoga

Even if the office does not provide time or facility for yoga practice it is in your interest that you practice yoga so that your minor health issues do not become long-term problems. Bidalasana or cat pose, camel pose, paschimottanasana and virabhadrasana, konasana are some of the poses that bring relief for tired office workers, besides stretching poses. It is ideal if you could find the time to learn these from a professional yoga teacher as each person’s needs are different. Yoga also reduces psychological pressures through breath control which means that executives will be able to face challenges with a cool mind and make the correct decision. Therefore regular yoga practice works both as a preventive health measure as well as a welfare measure in offices.


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