Yoga As Therapy

If you would like to use yoga as a therapy or as an alternative medical treatment then you will have to learn yoga differently than what is offered in a general yoga class. You would probably like to target a particular medical condition like cancer. For this, you will require a personalized yoga program and a yoga teacher who is not only trained with good anatomical knowledge but who has experience in conducting yoga classes for someone with your kind of condition.

Yoga Teacher training in India
Yoga Chikitsa or yoga treatment uses natural methods including Ayurveda to treat medical conditions. Yoga therapy is mostly used as a preventative method but is now being used along with other modern medical interventions as a curative measure too. Traditionally yoga is a practice that leads to spiritual awareness and yoga was used to ensure that the body remained in good health so deep meditation, which required being in one position for long periods of time, would not have a negative effect on the body. Today yoga is being used as a holistic method of treatment in physiological as well as psychological illness. 
A typical therapy class will have only you or very few practitioners. Keeping in mind the gravity of the illness the yoga sessions may be centered only on breath awareness and meditation chants that encourage healing and bring balance back into the body and mind. The initial session may just include relaxation poses and some mild pranayama particularly if you are still in the recovery stage of your illness. If the trained yoga teacher feels it is in your stride then some supported yoga postures may be introduced slowly. Yoga therapy provides you with the opportunity to look within yourself and helps you to be more accepting of your illness which reduces negativity and stress.
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