Attributes of an Accomplished Yoga Teacher

A good yoga teacher is one who has acquired a good training and is a certified teacher as that is the minimum qualification required to begin teaching. The teacher needs to be familiar with all aspects of yoga in order to answer any questions that a student could ask. Along with parting instructions, a good teacher will grow their own personal practice and enhance knowledge on a continuous basis.
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Just like the teacher is an individual a yoga teacher must realize that each student is an individual, with individual needs and a body that may not be able to cope up in a collective teaching environment and would need some individual attention. Any teacher who can understand the needs of each of their students by merely studying the body is definitely accomplished.  A teacher must understand anatomy so thoroughly that they know exactly what effect the moves are having on the muscles, bones, and joints of the individual.
If the teacher wants the students to follow a yogic life in the true sense then the teacher must do the same. An accomplished teacher is one who is able to enrich the classroom with the depth of their own experience so that each individual student can benefit from the outcome of that experience. Naturally, a teacher will show compassion and will ensure the students have understood the importance of this quality for unless they learn compassion they will have lost the main essence of yoga. Compassion connects the entire universe in a single thread.
Accomplished teachers bring an additional something to the class by being interested in you as a person. They will offer choices to you and suggestions to improve your practice for they are aware of your strengths, your limitations, and your individual requirements.

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